The following resource list is for those interested in other aspects beyond parapsychology and related psychical research, such as UFO investigation and Cryptozoology.  The following listing serves as a modest resource of the most popular international and U.S. UFO research organizations and societies in existence.  Although there are hundreds of such groups in the United States alone, these represent some of the largest, and most respected to date. For further research, refer to the World Wide Web, related blog pages and online communities for direct inquires.   



National U.F.O. Groups and Organizations


C.P.T.R. The Center for Physical Trace Research 

           The Center for Physical Trace Research was established June 1, 1998 by Ted Phillips to provide a central repository for the receipt, study, and distribution of UFO landing events involving physical residue. Phillips has worked on hundreds of such cases since 1969 with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the Center for UFO Studies, as well as with Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, Incorporated, MUFON. All and any serious research will be accepted for this project. Your input is critical no matter if it is in the form of comments, suggestions, or as an electronic link to bring the data together.  Please contact C.P.T.R. at:


CUFOS -- The Center for UFO Studies 

          The Center for UFO Studies (J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies – Chicago, Illinois, is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Our purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon.

*To volunteer your assistance, for more information about the Center for UFO Studies that you can’t find on these pages, or for comments and suggestions about our site, contact:  (Email:


The Florida UFO Research & Study Group

           The Florida UFO Research & Study Group is a non profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information, concerning the truth about extraterrestrial contact. The “FURST Group” was founded in 1992 by, Ms. Cerdan, and has been meeting twice a month for over fourteen years. For more information or for joining, contact:

Email to:


HBCC UFO Research Center

          A central Florida UFO research group and club directed by Brian Vike, which offers and collects UFO and alien contact information nationwide, but has a strong interest in Florida-related stories. Brian also runs a radio show, hosting “The Vike Report,” showcasing eyewitness experiences, and has a UFO-related blog on the internet. For more information:  HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091, Houston, British Columbia, Canada – VOJ 1ZO

Website: http://www.hbccufo.org
The Vike Report Blog:


I.C.P.R.P.I. The International Consortium for Psychical Research and Paranormal Inquiry

Dr. Greg Jenkins, PhD, M.Sc., Dr. Roger Pherson, PhD, Dr. Brian Turkington, PhD, D.D. and Ms. Jamie Hekham, M.Sc.

           The I.C.P.R.P.I. and educational resource centre’s purpose is to gain a better understanding about the enigmatic nature of psi-phenomena as related to the human condition. To act as a depository for related research into the investigation of psi-phenomena, which is to be made available for all interested persons world-wide, and finally, to uphold and positively augment the reasoning and purpose of psychical and Parapsychological research in order to better the discipline as an accepted, and respected aspect of science and philosophical inquiry.   

           The I.C.P.R.P.I. is invested to the research and scholarly contribution, yet not limited to of the following areas of thought: Hauntings, Apparitions and Poltergeist phenomena, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Post-Mortem Survival (PMS), Psychokinesis (PK), Metaphysical Studies, Dream-State Research and Astral Projection, Out‑of‑Body Experiences (OBE) and Near-Death Experiences (NDE), Mediumship and Spirit Channeling, The Occult and Magical Arts as related to the paranormal, Altered States of Consciousness, Ecto-Connectivity (EC), Religious Experiences and Beliefs (Sympathetic/Contagious Magic), Psychic Healing and Alternative Medicine, Astrology and Divination, Demon Possession and Demonology. In addition to this, The I.C.P.R.P.I. is also interested in regional and international aspects of Folklore and Urban Legends, Cryptozoology, as well as UFO incidents, Alien and Abduction phenomena. The I.C.P.R.P.I. asks for your support, by sending your personal experiences and true-to-life stories to be deposited in the annals of inquiry, and to further the parapsychology and related psychical research to advance science. For more information, to submit a story, or to contact: 



Miami UFO Center

          This South Florida organization covers many aspects of UFO and paranormal research around the greater Miami area, and has published articles like Bigfoot, Chupacabras and Other Strange Creatures in order to advance the public knowledge. It also supports other enthusiasts to take part in their investigations. For more information, email Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo at: for a schedule of upcoming meetings.


MUFON The Mutual UFO Network 

            One of the most recognized organizations that deal with UFOs and related topics. Their website offers excellent information on historic UFO reports to recent and up-to-date experiences worldwide. They also offer help for those who have experienced such anomalies, present major symposiums and refer to outside sources. Actor Dan Aykroyd, is not only a believer, but is also a lifetime member, and MUFON’s Official Hollywood Consultant. He encourages people to subscribe to the Journal and support the organization.

*Because there are so many chapters under the MUFON umbrella, please refer to the national headquarters for information on a particular state or country. For more information, or to get involved in UFO research, contact:

P. O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279

970-221-1836 (866) 466-9173




NACOMM — UFO Investigations
Tim Hagemeister – Director
PO Box 511
Anoka, MN 55303-0511

           UFO research organization devoted to the research and investigation of unidentified flying objects, and other related phenomenon occurring in the state of Minnesota.



NICAP — National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena 

            The NICAP UFO web site is designed to be a primary internet UFO evidence depository for special evidence and other important information regarding serious UFO research. With the use of simple directories the files are listed by category, in most cases using a comprehensive list of events. Francis L. Ridge: NICAP Site Coordinator. For contact information, Email:


NARCAP -- National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena

            The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena was established late in 2000, and is dedicated to the advancement of aviation safety issues as they apply to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). NARCAP collects data regarding aviation community reports of aerial encounters with lights or objects that seem inconsistent with known categories of aircraft and common natural phenomena. These lights or objects are reported to appear in a variety of colors and shapes. We refer to these objects or lights as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. NARCAP’s Science Director Dr. Richard Haines is a perceptual psychologist and former Chief of the Space Human Factors Office at NASA Ames Research Center and a former senior research scientist for both NASA and Raytheon.

NARCAP’s Corporate Offices:                                                                                   

P.O. Box 1535, Vallejo, CA 94590                                                                                      



NUFORC -- National UFO Reporting Center

            “Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data” This organization offers the collection of sightings from serious witnesses and observers. Because of an overwhelming amount of calls, this number is for recent sighting reports only. All older sightings, or for information requests, please contact them via email.

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623, University Station, Seattle, WA 98145                          

National UFO Reporting Center Hotline (206) 722-3000                                                



The National UFO Reporting Center — Peter Davenport Consultant  

P. O. Box 700
Davenport, WA 99122                                                                                                     

Director: Peter Davenport                                                                        Email:


Project 1947 — Internet UFO Group

            Project 1947 is a world-wide effort to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon. The project concerns early-era UFO reports via newspaper articles and contemporary accounts. Some of the material gathered by Project 1947 is on display. Project 1947 is looking for volunteers to help continue the search for new UFO documents and help process them for the published PROJECT 1947 volumes. For information, or to assist contact:

P.O. Box 391
Canterbury, CT 06331



National UFO Reporting Hotlines


Actaeon Investigations

Saint Louis, MO based group.

The hotline is operational 24hrs per day.

Actaeon Investigations:
3441 Union Road, St. Louis, MO 63125                                                                             




Florida UFO Network

            The hotline is operational 24-hours/day-7 days a week, which offers an internet answering machine that may record the call. Interested persons can leave relevant information, and the Network will get back as soon as possible.

P.O. Box 7567, Tallahassee, FL 32314                                                                             




Landing Zone Hotline

            The hotline is operational Monday through Friday 6.00 AM to midnight (Pacific Time). For reporting sightings, encounters and abductions, contact:

 4708 Largo Way, Las Vegas, NV 89121                                                                             




National MUFON Hotline                                                                                           

800-UFO-2166 or 800-836-2166


National UFO Database

            This reporting service is available 24 hours a day, and offers a database and message center, which compiles and integrates national UFO information from both old and new sightings from the early 1900’s to current sightings. This group conducts and interviews eye witness observances of aerial phenomenon. A researcher will return calls.

Post Office Box 690, Pioche, Nevada 89043                                                     




UFO Reporting Hotline:
PO Box 88, Algonac, MI 48001-0088                                                                                  

800-734-4155 (code 65) 24-hour service


Shadow Research, Inc.

            This UFO Reporting Center collects all sighting information and related claims even if not current. For information, contact:



UFO Reporting & Information Service:                                                                    



UFOIA International UFO Reporting Hotline                                                           


A.P.R.O — Aerial Phenomena Research Organization

PO Box 51, Savanna, Il. 61074

          This organization has a free membership and publishes a newsletter, which is free to members. For more information visit Yahoo E-Groups at or E-mail:

A.A.C.C.A. Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America
PO Box 188, Carmichael, Ca. 95609-0188

          This organization claims to assist people in becoming “free from alien abduction and similar harassments.” They offer hope that even though alien abduction cannot be stopped, they can be eliminated as a life’s pattern. For more information contact them at:

Phone: 916-971-0809




Alien Hunters — 01

8000 Larson Ave., Garden Grove, Ca. 92844

           This organization specializes in helping those who have seen a UFO and/or have been abducted, and specialize in analyzing video and photographs pertaining to such incidences. Having investigated more than 289 cases since 2005, they are always looking for personal experiences. For more information contact:





C.S.E.T.I. The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
PO Box 4556, Largo, MD 20775

C.S.E.T.I. as a non-profit international scientific organization dedicated to investigating extraterrestrial intelligence. International Director: Dr. Steven Greer. For more information call:

1-888-ET-CSETI (1-888-382-7384) (USA Only) or 1-301-249-3915

Fax: 1-877-92-CSETI (1-877-922-7384) (USA Only) or 1-501-325-8328




The Florida UFO Network

P.O. Box 534, Havana, FL 32333-0534

           With more than 25 years of UFO investigation and research, the Florida UFO Network supports a serious and scientific method to their research into the UFO phenomenon. Investigation of UFOs is conducted without preconceived judgment. They also investigate paranormal phenomena in Florida. For more information or to contact them:

Phone/Fax: 850-875-3569



Fund for UFO Research (F.U.F.O.R.)

P.O. Box 7501, Alexandria, VA 22307

           A group of serious researchers that deal in the UFO phenomena, as well as in offering awards, oversees research programs, and more. For more information or to contact: 



I.R.A.A.P. Independent Researcher’s Association for Anomalous Phenomena

P.O. Box 12233, Albany, NY 12212-2233

            I.R.A.A.P. is a non-profit group of independent investigators and researchers that offer information and objective opinions on their web site, and offer a newsletter for those interested. This group investigates UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, Bigfoot sightings and ancient civilizations. For more information call or contact:

Phone: 518-785-6725




I.C.A.R. International Community for Alien Research
2218 Division Street, Metairie, LA 70001

           The International Community for Alien Research is a world-wide research organization with trained investigators from all over the United States, and other countries. They are interested in your UFO experiences, and related sightings and abductions. For more information or to contact:

Phone: 504-887-0998




International UFO Congress
6160 Firestone Blvd #104-373
Firestone, CO 80504

           This group of serious UFO researchers, witnesses, abductees, UFO enthusiasts and researches document and disseminate UFO reports and related phenomena world-wide, and they’re interested in your experiences. For more information or to contact:

Phone: 303-651-7136




Intruders Foundation

PO Box 30233, New York, NY 10011

            This organization was formed by alien abduction researcher Budd Hopkins to provide, and offer a support group for UFO abductees to discuss their experiences. For more information fax a request, or visit the website at:

Fax: 212-352-1778



N.A.R.C.A.P.  National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena

235 Louisiana Street, Vallejo, CA 94590

           The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena was established in response to an identified need for high quality scientific and technological data about so-called anomalous aerial phenomena of various kinds and U.S. aviation safety. For more information, or to contact:

Phone: 707-554-0886




 N.E.T.P.A.R.C. National Extra Terrestrial Paranormal Activity Research Council 

           The National Extra Terrestrial Paranormal Activity Research Council, founded in 1990 has members from around the world, and is looking for members. NETPARC monitors and document UFO activity and paranormal phenomena. This group gathers information, documents, investigates and reports on associated phenomena. Email for more information:

Email: or Email:

N.I.C.U.F.O. The National Investigations Committee on UFOs
21601 Devonshire Street, Suite 217
Chatsworth, CA 91311

           The National Investigations Committee on UFOs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to UFO research, space and science research and the education of related topics. This group hosts seminars and maintains a large collection of UFO photos, books, and other materials, organized by the group’s president Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Ph.D. For more information, or to contact: 

Phone: 818-882-0039

Fax: 818-882-0047

Email: (Jim Leming — Washington State Director of  N.I.C.U.F.O.


O.P.U.S. Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support
P.O. Box 320174, Los Gatos, CA 95032

         “The mission of O.P.U.S. is to develop a network of people dedicated to a better understanding of the overall nature of unusual/anomalous personal experiences and to support those who have them.” This group’s purpose is to investigate such experiences, which may include extraordinary states of consciousness, Fortean, spiritual, or parapsychological phenomenon, as well as close encounters with alien life forms, and related UFO activity. O.P.U.S. offers educational services, provides a meeting ground for people and groups of opposing and often controversial views in the hope that in working together they can further the overall knowledge in these areas and promote scientific research with the ultimate goal of helping humankind. For more information, or to contact:

408-268-2837 or 408-378-6771




S.U.F.O.I.T. — P.A.R.A. Scientific UFO Investigative Team and the Paranormal Activity Research Association

           This organization is an active investigative group with worldwide membership. Their goal is to seek out the truth about UFO’s and the Paranormal with solid proof. Membership is free. For information, or to contact:



For the Pennsylvania chapter contact:



U.F.O.R.C.E. A UFO Resource Center
PO Box 5597
Kent, WA 98064

           UFORCE is an International UFO reporting organization and on-line community that participates and encourages in an interactive environment to better the understanding of UFOs and aerial phenomena. UFORCE has a Newsletter, BBS, on-line UFO report forms, surveys, guestbook, hot-links, and up-to-date UFO reports. For more information contact Christopher Montgomery (US) and Dave Casnette: International Director (UK):

Phone/Fax: 253-859-1727



U.F.O.R.I.N. UFO Report & Investigation Network

UFORIN Headquarters, 1301 Newcastle Drive, Abilene, TX 79601

           U.F.O.R.I.N. is a UFO Network dedicated to gathering as much information on the UFO Phenomenon as possible and analyzing the data to discover the truth behind UFO’s. Membership is free. For information, or to contact: 

Phone: 915-670-0788




UFO’s Investigation Center of United States

P.O. Box 120
Intercession City, Florida 33848

           The UFO’s Investigation Center of United States is a non-profit organization, which generally meets two times each month. This organization has professional members in different fields of specialization that conducts field investigations and research. For information, or to contact:

Phone/Fax: 407-397-2371




Cryptozoology Organizations and Research Groups


            The following listing serves as a collection of cryptozoological and related organizations that investigate, or otherwise hunt out-of-place and other weird creatures. Although there are many internationals groups and organizations available, these represent a few of the most popular and ready available groups willing to communicate, offer information and create a continuing network of like-minded individuals and groups. For further information, refer to the World Wide Web. 

American Monsters 

            This is an interesting and entertaining website on America’s monsters reported around the U.S. and the world. This site includes many links to professional organizations and groups that actively investigate sightings and legends of any number of Cryptozoological creatures, including Bigfoot, sea serpents and other cryptozoological and alien life forms.


Email: for questions, comments, concerns and general information.


Bigfoot Encounters — Report a Bigfoot (Skunk Ape) Sighting 

           This website serves as an excellent resource for hominid and related cryptid research. This site allows the interested to view hundreds of documented Skunk Apes accounts, as well as many newspaper articles from every state. It offers a section to contact the editor, and has information and questions section, as well as a blog-like comments section. There is also an online newsletter, and a way to submit you own personal sighting, creating a worthy database for any researcher.

For more information, email:        

            This intriguing website surrounds itself with many preternatural and cryptozoological creatures, from the perception of horror and pulp fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft. With many entries, notably of newly discovered life forms, such as the Promachoteuthis sloani, a squid with a human-like mouth and teeth, and many other mysterious and unseen, mostly aquatic creatures. The nature and standing of this website becomes clear, in spite of its relationship with the writings and art of Lovecraft’s followers. The information is sound and cites many reputable sources, including the NOAA, The U.S. Navy and other respected scientific communities. 

For more information, visit


The Chupacabra Home Page  

            This webpage offers a modest, but dedicated databank on one of the strangest creatures alleged to exist in Hispanic culture. It has a listing, as well as a discussion section for the Chupacabra enthusiast, as well as a links section for further research.

Website: for questions, comments and general information.

Coast-to-Coast AM — Radio   

           This excellent radio network, hosted by George Noory, serves as an excellent resource for ghost stories, UFO reports and all things related to the paranormal, including Bigfoot and related cryptozoological accounts. The station’s website also offers a good resource for any information a researcher may need, as well as having many useful video and photo images, sound bits and links to make for hours of research. For more information, call-in numbers and contacts:




            This website offers web surfers to locate and research actual accounts and resources of out-of-place creatures around the world. This site also supplies a good listing of other groups with direct links.

Email: for information and help.

Website: contact information:
Cisco Serret, 5432 E. Northern Lights, # 499,
Anchorage, AK. 99508

The Florida Skunk Ape 

            The goal of this site is to collect as much data as possible about the Florida Skunk Ape. We encourage everyone that had a sighting, or has knowledge of a sighting to report it here, where it will be placed in the database. This is a fun way to investigate the legends and network with others who have experienced Florida’s Bigfoot-like creature.

Website: for questions, comments, concerns and general information.


The Cryptozoologist 

            Loren Coleman, one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists offers his and his colleague’s insight to all who are interested. He is an honorary member of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, as well as several other international organizations, including the International Society of Cryptozoology. This website offers an excellent educational look into the many viewpoints of this research, and welcomes everyone to participate. For more contact information, go to the website and request the online form to speak directly to Dr. Colman. He appreciates sighting and related cryptozoological information, and will answer your questions accordingly.

Website: for questions, comments, concerns and general information.



            Another excellent website devoted to all things “cryptozoological.” This group organizes discussion panels of national and international legends of alien-creatures such as Bigfoot, lake and sea monsters and UFO-related information. With such writers as Loren Coleman, Craig Woolheater, John Kirk and Rick Noll to name a few, this website will serve as a great resource for the aficionado of the strange and uncanny.

Website: for questions, comments, concerns and general information.


Dan Jackson — Skunk Ape Hunter  

            This webpage and information resource center is operated by Dan Jackson, a well-known Florida Bigfoot researcher. The website offers a good source of information on cyrptid research, as well as a way to contact and organize investigations throughout the state. For more information, please visit:





The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization 

            Founded in 1995, this scientific research organization explores national reports of Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings. This group also offers a good amount of related research, guest researcher accounts and lectures, and links of supporting organizations. For more information contact them directly.


Phone 949-278-6403 Fax 949-248-8699



Chupacabra Home Page  

            This scholarly website deals in many aspects of the Chupacabra, both in folklore and in reported sightings across the world. It offers many links to other similar websites, such as The Skeptic’s Dictionary, which offers a more sobering look into this and associated legends. This site proves to be a good resource for either the novice or experienced researcher. For more information or to contact, visit:


Earthfiles with Linda Moulton Howe 

            An excellent resource for all things strange in the world, Earthfiles reports on everything from the ancient astronaut theory and close encounters, cattle mutilations and crop circles to Bigfoot and cryptozoological oddities worldwide. Ms. Howe researches and interviews experts in the paranormal fields and faithfully describes her finding on her website, and is occasionally a guest on Coast-to-Coast AM Radio with George Noory and Art Bell. For more information and to contact, visit:


Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization 

            The G.C.B.R.O. is leading the search in the quest for answers to the mystery of the Bigfoot. Its quest initially began in the Southern United States, because many had ignored or completely overlooked these regions’ particular legends. This group collects and assists in related research.

For more information, visit:  



Meta Café and Saint Birgitta           

            Here’s an excellent Internet resource that harbors any, and everything pertaining to the paranormal, including UFOs, alleged monster sightings and cryptozoology in general, as well as many aspects of conspiracy theory at its best.

            Likely one of the best examples of ‘the people’s voice’ for all things strange and paranormal, Saint Birgitta offers a YouTube source that’s second to none. Though some of the videos here represent elaborate fakes for the sake of entertainment, others will astound and amaze even the staunchest of paranormal researchers. The best of the features offer evidence caught on the everyday person’s video camera and cell phone cameras. As both these websites offer excellent resources, which includes countless videos, film and sound bites of the most amazing footage available, its importance to researchers becomes clear. 

           This interesting, and informative web-group is dedicated to the recognition of ‘monsters’ in human culture and society, claiming that it works toward creating a necessary awareness that mythology and history are driving forces in the global shaping of the “third millenary man”. This organization believes that monsters are an essential, but invisible part of our world, and offers both the mythological aspects, which includes film and literature, and that inhabiting world folklore. This website also has a ‘Crypto-Zoo’ Section that covers many aspects of cryptozoology. For more information and to contact, visit:  


The Shadowlands  

          This well-made web page covers many aspects of the paranormal, including an extensive section on ghosts and hauntings, UFO reports, sea monster sightings and Bigfoot reports from all over the United States. For information, or to submit stories and photographs and contact:

            This website offers a well-formatted database on many reports of unknown creatures and other ‘monster-related’ stories that take place in America and abroad. The ‘reports’ section presents many listings of Bigfoot and Skunk Ape accounts, as well as sea serpent reports across various states. This website offers many links to other related topics, and has a area to contact the proprietors for further information, and a blog space for visitors. For more information, or to contact, visit: /


Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

            The Skunk Ape Research headquarters and Trail Lakes Campground is operated by Dave Shealy, of Ochopee, Florida, is one of the most celebrated Skunk Ape hunters today. He has appeared on many national television shows; including Unsolved Mysteries, The Daily Show, The Pulse, Inside Edition, Travel Channel & Learning Channel, and his adventures have been seen in the Enquirer, The Sun, Miami New Times, and Readers Digest. This research center is open to the public 7 days a week from 7 AM to 7 PM, where you can hear of first-hand accounts of local and state Skunk Ape sightings, as well as purchase a vast array of Skunk Ape memorabilia, alligator heads and hunting equipment both at the store and online.

*The Headquarters features a Reptile & Bird Exhibit, as well as huge gators, constrictors and a variety of exotic birds. Admission is $3 per person. For interviews, comments, or for general information contact:


Address: 40904 Tamiami Trail East, Ochopee, Florida, 34141

Phone: 239-695-2275